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About company

KONAR is a private enterprise founded by Wojciech Stasiełuk, who first launched woodworking machinery in the year 1992. The comapny’s wide experience is based on continuous mainenance of unbroken tradition of wood processing and sale.

The “KONAR ” place of business and production in Skindzierz – the locality situated 40 kilometeres North of Białystok city (national road no. 8, between Białystok and Augustów).

KONAR  specializes in production of high quality engineered wood, essential in any construction investment, such as long houses, rafters, boards, laths, sustainers, etc. Furthermore, KONAR  offers excellent decorative and finishing products: boards, battens, floor mouldings.

The basics of the market policy is continuous quality care, which mainly refers to the offered materials or products KONAR constanlty cooperates with timber suppliers who supply “KONAR ” with wood materials harvested in northeast Poland or world’s best Siberia forests in Russia.

KONAR characterizes control and verification system, which controls and verifies each phase of raw materials and finished producst processing. The scrictest cirteria of the material selection, the highest quality, great woodworking precistion, continuous machinery maintance and its frequent modernization, the strictest quality evaluation of finished products, all these factors constitute the KONAR Production Quality system such an operation system is possible thanks to the following technical and organizational capacity:


Konar’s unique human resources are responsible for the company’s attractive offer and organizational and technical proficiency. The KONAR Team are well qualified people with wide experience and know-how. Moreover, the confirmation of excellence and competitiveness of KONAR  products is its 16 year tradition of wood-working and long-term cooperation with such demending giants as Netherland, Germany or USA

Wood. An excellent choice!

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