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About wood

The wood has been omnipresent in human life from the dawn of human culture and civilization. In primeval times, the wood was used to build wooden huts or humble cots, so called boothies, later to build houses and fortifications, but also the wood had and still has heating properties. As it was said, the wood had been omnipresent in human life. It gave shelter, provided energy, it was used to production of tools, machinery, units and devices, means of transport. The wood used to serve and serves us good today!!

Contemporary building takes the wood very seriously as a construction material and its role as the construction material is recently growing and growing. Roof constructions, sustainers, boards, facades, floors, walls, windows these are only examples of wood application in construction.

Home….the natural need of each human being in the whole world. The fundamental value in the contemporary world, in each latitude and anywhere else. The thing is, that this natural need varies according to individual perspectives, which may be external factors against which humans protect themselves, and these factors may vary according to places of living. Within the scope of the said factors there may be rain, snow, wind, cold, sun, high temperature, etc., but also there may be the need of privacy protection.

The above is the answer to the fundamental question why we, humans, have always built houses and why we will always do so. The mankind has been a witness of innumerable fashions and fads, styles and “tendances” that came on the scene and then faded away. These fashions also referred to the construction materials. The fact is, that in many spheres of life the fever of coming back to nature has recently intensified. Such a tendency strongly influences building sector, in which the popularity of wood as a construction material is constantly growing. It simply undergoes renaissance! Certainly, it is not a question of fashion, but it’s a question of recently forgotten, by reason of pursuit of new human-unfriendly technologies, but irrefutable advantages of wood as a building material.


Why, then, wood is well worth using as a building material?

There are some convincing answers which you can find below.

  1. Wood is a natural construction material. While and after woodworking (carpentry processing) its structure, properties and features remain unchanged. Formation of wooden construction elements means cutting, scraping, drying, grinding and polishing.
  2. Wood, as a natural material, creates a unique microclimate inside the house, impossible to obtain using other construction technologies. It self-adjusts to the outside humidity level.
  3. Wood is characteristic of favourable heat transfer (heat insulation) coefficient, which means that it keeps your interior pleasantly warm during a frozy winter. It results in comparably lower energy consumption for heating such a house.
  4. Forget about time consuming construction processes. Wooden houses are built in a comparably short time.
  5. There are no obstacles to continue the construction process even in winter, because there is no necessity to work with water (except for the footing construction). Such a fact eliminates the necessity to stop the construction works, e.g. in order to let several elements, such as ceilings, lintels, etc., dry. (additional reduction of construction time).
  6. Considerable reduction of construction costs in view of the wood as a lightweight material in comparison with other construction materials, cheaper transport, smaller sectional views of footings, etc.
  7. Wood is an entirely renewable construction material. Furthermore, woodwork does not cause environmental pollution. Wood unused during the construction process does not cause any problem. It undergoes biodegradation without any harm to the environment. Biodegradation, that the wood goes under, enriches the environment. The above also refers to wooden housebreaking.
  8. It’s not all. The wood may be glorified more and more Nevertheless, the abovementioned pros are reliable, honest, bettermost, and convincing you enough to choose wood for construction or finishing your HOME.

Wood. The natural, healthy, human-friendly material omnipresent in human lives. Always by your side, your closest friend, ready to protect all that is really important to you. Nature created wood to let you feast your eyes on its beauty, to give you pleasure, comfort and joy, but there is more, this particular material is to make you fully satisfied with your choice, your wood.

We are honoured to become the part of your future plans and we will make every effort to make your wood-dreams come true. Your trust is the most precious award for us. Wood. An excellent choice! KONAR Team