• Our fascinate is wood

ISO 14001

Konar prefers pro-ecological solutions that aim to increase production efficiency in terms of increasing the amount of usable wood obtained from each log, while maintaining its high quality and durability parameters. We assume thermal treatment of less valuable coniferous wood, which also retains high properties. These species are introduced in poorer habitats, they can be harvested more often and therefore in larger quantities without negative effects on ecosystems.

The introduction of the latest technologies will have a positive impact on the implementation of the principle of sustainable development through:

  1. Introduction to the market of products that reduce the environmental burden at the production and operation stages – coreless sawmill products, including thermo-modified ones, which are characterized by, among others, :
    • wood is one of the most ecological building materials, which is a homogeneous raw material, easy to recycle and reuse,
    • high strength parameters and higher resistance to cracks will increase the durability and extend the service life of building structures created using it and reduce the consumption of wood raw materials.
    • during the production process of thermally modified wood, steam and high temperature are used, and no chemicals that have a harmful impact on the environment are used,
    • the use of the thermal modification process of wood will enable the reduction of the consumption of raw materials harmful to the environment and health in the form of chemical wood impregnations used to protect wood and coloring substances.
  2. the use of solutions and production methods in the production process that have a positive impact on the environment and the use of high-efficiency machines and production equipment ensuring a reduction in the specific consumption of energy, raw materials and the amount of waste generated. Wood waste (sawdust, chips, shavings) generated in the production process of sawmill products, waste code 030105, will be processed at the production plant into a high-energy, ecological product – pellet, using a low-energy production process or used as fuel for combustion in boiler rooms.
  3. Implementation of new management, promotion and marketing practices and techniques, which, compared to existing solutions, should result in a reduction of the negative impact on the environment.

Due to the implementation of the Environmental Management System in our Organization in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 14001:2015 standard, the management board adopted an environmental policy applicable to every employee employed at KONAR Sp. z o. o.

Environmental policy at KONAR SP. Z O.O. is implemented by observing and improving the following principles:
Compliance with all legal regulations regarding environmental protection and continuous improvement of the environmental management system
Compliance by all employees with applicable environmental protection regulations and principles
Continuous improvement of environmental awareness and competences of employees, taking into account their predispositions, skills and education, through training
in terms of the implemented environmental system.
Preventing environmental pollution through continuous monitoring of significant environmental aspects, identification and elimination of environmental threats, application of EMS procedures and instructions in practice. Reliable information to employees about the company’s goals and technical progress and organizational, the impact of their activities on the natural environment and projects and achievements in this area, as an incentive for continuous improvement of the environmental management system. Identifying environmental threats and rational waste management in order to minimize the impact of our production processes on the natural environment.

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